Join our Blog …..Tell your own Westie Rescue Story


Have you a Westie Rescue Tale to Tell?……Come and Join our Blog!

I put off owning a dog until I had totally stopped work . Now that I have allowed myself to be a dog owner (actually I think they own me), I cannot get enough of them. I have commenced this blog in order to highlight what I  currently do and have been doing over past years for dogs needing homes, more specifically for the West Highland White Terrier. So far, my journey has been tumultuous and at times, miraculous. And, by joining me on my blog, you are most welcome to come along for the ride. My blog will open up my life which is centred around “Westies”. There are so many stories, some from me and hopefully some from you. As I am an eternal optimist, ninety-five percent of my stories will be positive. If you want to express yourself on the blog, fill out our application form (see below) so I know you are not spamming or a robot. Then, just wait to be contacted. Highlighting what I do, by providing stories and updates about the dogs I care for, and inviting knowledgable guests to provide blog notes, will increase our understanding of how fulfilling sharing life with a Westie can be, at the same time helping to explain the increasing need for rescue and rehoming groups nationally (and internationally).



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