Can I Publish Today?

There is no time like the present!

I was due to have my website published by 1st September. This didn’t happen. Too many things happened causing me to be absent from Home Base for almost four weeks. It was very lucky that I didn’t have a rescue or rehoming during that time. As a novice in website set ups, I know that you will find faults on my page(s). Some faults I know about, some I don’t. Like all things, there is nothing more constant than change and you will see this site change many times, but hopefully it will settle as time goes on. A certain lady with the biggest heart has been helping me set this site up. She knows who she is and I wish to thank her again and again for all her wonderful input and time. Thank you “Ms W”.XXX My plan is to finish writing each rescue/rehomed doggie’s Home Base story for you. I plan to continue my blogging, and trust you will enjoy the site, spread the word about Westie Home Base WA, and support our cause. There are a list of associated websites that will be added to allow my readers to access what I consider is very good information sites on Westies, Westies Health, Grooming, Rescue and ReHoming, and much more.

So, after a long few months, here it is…….enjoy. Kind regards, Deb

The four Amigos – Butch, Toby, Motty, Bella

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