This has been a question I have been asking myself for years now. Ever since seeing so many dogs wearing muzzles walking with their owners around the streets of cities in Eastern Europe, it seemed strange to me why they chose to do this.

In these countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary etc), public transport is often the normal mode of transport with large numbers of city dwellers unable to afford (or needing) their own car. European families who live in high rise flats are able to own dogs as pets. For the families who rely on public transport, and wish to take their dogs out for outings, the government has laws allowing the family pet to travel on trams and buses safely. Strict adherence occurs due to high fines if dogs are not muzzled when travelling on public transport. If a dog attacks either a person or another dog causing injury, their owner is quickly dealth with by the local magistrate or council. Large fines and possible jail terms can apply.

What are your views on muzzling of dogs?? 

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