New Laws To Stamp Out Cruel Puppy Farms

It has been a long time in the making, but hopefully this will be the structured approach necessary to provide helpless animals with enough protection from human greed.


Hello again Westie Lovers!!!!

Here at HomeBaseWA, we have had a wonderfully peaceful Christmas and the New Year saw us visiting beautiful Busselton in southwest Western Australia.

It has been quiet on the re-homing front which helped us take advantage of the spare time and boys Toby and Butch were able to spend time on the beaches and parks with great gusto!

2017 will see us play a bigger role in the Westie Walkers Community, Raising Health Awareness in the breed and helping other Canine Rescue Groups throughout our state and nationally where possible.

We are looking forward to receiving new fur-babies to HomeBaseWA, getting them fit, healthy and happy and finding them their new forever homes.

Salute to a wonderful New Year! From all of us here at Westie Home Base WA XXX

Another Westie Success …..

Just a short time ago you may have seen a Perth ad for urgent placement of a very cute female westie. A “Dogs Behind Bars” volunteer foster carer delivered “Puffy” to our wonderful hospital at Warnbro where she was vet checked and desexed. Whilst at the hospital with the homebase boys, I met both her and her schnauzer friend 🙂. There was so much interest in Puffy and Westie HomeBase WA can now pass on the best news yet. Thanks to the fantastic efforts by D.B.B, Puffy is now residing at her new furever home in Safety Bay with friends of Westie HomeBase supporter Kerry.

Congratulations to Puffy (now known as Buffy ) and her new family.

Hope we see you soon on our beach. XXX

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This has been a question I have been asking myself for years now. Ever since seeing so many dogs wearing muzzles walking with their owners around the streets of cities in Eastern Europe, it seemed strange to me why they chose to do this.

In these countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary etc), public transport is often the normal mode of transport with large numbers of city dwellers unable to afford (or needing) their own car. European families who live in high rise flats are able to own dogs as pets. For the families who rely on public transport, and wish to take their dogs out for outings, the government has laws allowing the family pet to travel on trams and buses safely. Strict adherence occurs due to high fines if dogs are not muzzled when travelling on public transport. If a dog attacks either a person or another dog causing injury, their owner is quickly dealth with by the local magistrate or council. Large fines and possible jail terms can apply.

What are your views on muzzling of dogs?? 

A Special Place to Walk a Westie

I have decided to give a well kept secret away to my web-watchers!

The southern parts of Western Australia hold many wonderful places where our doggies can run, play, swim, ?surf, fish! Safety Bay and Waikiki have a doggy beach which is next to this wonderful, world class wind surfing cove.

We also practice our yoga on the grass overlooking the Pond, with our Westies looking on.

Watch “The Pond, Doco” on Vimeo:

Do you have a favourite Westie Walking place here in the West which you want to brag about???? C’mon, tell us…..

Can I Publish Today?

There is no time like the present!

I was due to have my website published by 1st September. This didn’t happen. Too many things happened causing me to be absent from Home Base for almost four weeks. It was very lucky that I didn’t have a rescue or rehoming during that time. As a novice in website set ups, I know that you will find faults on my page(s). Some faults I know about, some I don’t. Like all things, there is nothing more constant than change and you will see this site change many times, but hopefully it will settle as time goes on. A certain lady with the biggest heart has been helping me set this site up. She knows who she is and I wish to thank her again and again for all her wonderful input and time. Thank you “Ms W”.XXX My plan is to finish writing each rescue/rehomed doggie’s Home Base story for you. I plan to continue my blogging, and trust you will enjoy the site, spread the word about Westie Home Base WA, and support our cause. There are a list of associated websites that will be added to allow my readers to access what I consider is very good information sites on Westies, Westies Health, Grooming, Rescue and ReHoming, and much more.

So, after a long few months, here it is…….enjoy. Kind regards, Deb

The four Amigos – Butch, Toby, Motty, Bella