Special Projects

“Westies on a Walk” is a special project of WestiehomebaseWA.

We are a Social Walking Group! For the past four years a small group of dedicated Westie and Scottie lovers getting together on purely social walks once a month. There are no guidelines or compulsory “anything”, and everyone is welcome 🙂 🙂.

Our “South of the Swan River” group has grown into a loving community of almost 300 members, supporting each other physically and emotionally, and enjoying the camaraderie which owning and/or caring for these special terriers brings.

We do no limit our group to current Westie or Scottie owners. People who do not own their own fur baby are encouraged to attend the walks and functions as more hands make lighter work when walking more than one dog. At the finish of the walk, usually we end up at a nearby cafe for a well earned sit-down and sip.

If you are interested in joining our group, you will find us on Facebook as “Westies on a Walk”. We have this page classified “Closed” as we find this helps defeat spammers etc.


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