Why “Grooming” a Westie can be a can of WWWorms to some…


Righto, where’s all your gear!! Oh, so you think an old hairbrush will suffice??? I have news for you DARLING….Westies are the worst when it comes to staying clean. Actually, I should correct that…it should be “white”instead of “clean”.

Kerry knows all too well! Her “Motty” loves the early morning walks on Waikiki beach. Ooh the smell of salt and seaweed permeate the nostrils, like snot and treacle in a beard. Motty can run free on their dog beach. He loves the generous piles of rotting seagrass along the shore and the more than occasional stinky dead fish carcass left by our local band of fisher folk. It is almost heaven for a westie. The temptation for Motty to frolic in the water is always too much! But, then comes the rubbing ritual in amongst the decaying seaweed and fish muck. Not once mind you! Oh No. It has to be performed along the length of beach for as long as the mobile Motty can manage without being caught out and chastised by his dedicated mother. Arriving home from their sojourn, it is so much more than one old hairbrush can handle! Into the laundry room with bath towels arranged, water in trough, shampoo and conditioners at hand. A treat first for the frollicker to ward off the need to rope him into submission. All it takes is the expected piece of carrot or watermelon and Motty becomes putty in mother’s little hands. Wash and rinse cycle over, Motty is poised for his private barber to complete his makeover. From once a stinky streaky something on the beach to a “world-class knock-your-socks-off” and… of course …..”white” westie again, whom is always getting the girl’s attentions! Just ask Maggie if you don’t believe me…..

Girls and their westies